Experience Koyla; fine Nepalese & Indian Cuisine at Home.

*Please note our takeaway menu is different to the ones we offer at the restaurant.*

If you have food allergy of any kind, phone the restaurant on 01233557557.
(V) Vegetarian | Balanced Spices | Medium Hot | Madras Hot | Vindaloo Hot


Chilli Pakora
Marinated chicken, battered with chickpeas flour
Koyla Tempura King Prawns
Battered king prawns pan fried with garlic, peppers, cherry tomatoes, sweet chilli and coriander Contains crustaceans
Rack of Lamb
Marinated rack of lamb, cooked in a tandoori oven, served with a fresh mint & yoghurt chutney Contains dairy
Fish Manchurian
Marinated white fish cooked in special Nepali spices, cumin, cinnamon powder, ginger and fresh herbs with a touch of youghurt Contains gluten
House special crab cake
Crab meat mixed with crusted potatoes, toasted cumin, fennel & coram seeds, fresh herbs served with tartar chutney Contains shellfish
Koyla Samosa Vegan
Potato & sweet peas pastry with coriander seeds, roasted cumin & ginger Contains gluten and mustard
Potato & Onion Bhaji
Fritters of blended potato, onions, and Nepali spices
Timuri Chips
Chips with nepali schezwan pepper and garlic dust
Plain or Spicy?
Popadum Condiments
Pineapple Chutney, Mango Chutney or Mint Sauce

Tandoori (Clay Oven)

Chicken Thigh Tikka
Marinated with yoghurt, nepalese and indian spices Contains dairy
Pork Sekuwa
Juicy thick cuts of port loin in authentic Nepali marinade; charred over the grill. Contains sesame
Haansh Sekuwa
Luscious pieces of duck marinated in authentic Nepalese herbs; charred over the grill Contains dairy
Paneer Saslick (V)
Marinated and cooked in the clay oven with peppers, onions and tomatoes Contains dairy

Chef's Recommendations

The True Biryani
Tender piece of marinated chicken (on the bone); layered with rice and steamed together to perfection! Contains dairy and gluten
Butter Chicken
The indian wedding classic; 48-hour marinade of yogurt & spices, charred in the tandoor then finished in a creamy tomato curry flavored with fenugreek Contains dairy and cashews
Koyla Stir-Fry Vegan
Stir-fried Brocoali, zucchini, carrots and mushrooms with a hint of Himalayan herbs
Good OL' Saag (Go Vegan?)
from: £9.50
Baby spinach sauted with tomato, onion and garam masala. Go basic or with either Chicken, Potatoes or Panner
Lamb cooked with fresh mint, spring onions and Nepalese spices Contains dairy
Prawn Malabar
King prawns cooked with onions, ginger, garlic, curry leaf, mustard, coconut milk, chilli, tomatoes and fresh herbs. Contains mustard and coconut
Lamb marinated with Nepalese herbs and spices, cooked with a touch of yogurt and green chillies. Contains dairy
Chilli Masala (V)
Panner cooked in a spiced creamy masala sauce, with a touch of fresh green chilli and spring onions Contains dairy
Maccha Modi Khola
Marinated white fish cooked with special Nepalese spices, ginger, fresh herbs and a touch of yoghurt Contains dairy
Potato Channa Masala Vegan
Garbanzo beans, tomato, potatoes & onion - stewed in warm spices & aromatics - topped with pickled onion
Homestyle Sabzee Vegan
Market vegetables cooked with homemade spice mixes & masalas.
Brinjal Aloo Kerau Vegan
Baby aubergine, green beans and potatoes cooked with Nepalese spices

Traditional Indian Dishes

Tikka Masala
from: £9.50
from: £9.50
from: £9.50
from: £9.50
from: £9.50

Vegetable Dishes

Tarka Daal Vegan
Garlicky red lentils; channa daal cooked with garlic and mild spices
Bombay Potatoes Vegan
Lightly spiced potatoes baked and cooked with herbs
Brinjal Bhaji Vegan
Sauted aubergine cooked with nepalese herbs spices and spring onions

Rice & Biryani Dishes

Basmati Rice
Pilau Rice
Saffron flavoured basmati rice Contains dairy
Fried Rice
Fried rice with mushroom or egg Contains dairy

Homemade Bread

Plain Naan
Contains dairy and gluten
Peshawaari Naan
Contains dairy, coconut and gluten
Garlic Naan
Contains dairy and gluten
Contains dairy and gluten


(Red) Senora Rosa Merlot Blanc, Chile 2017
Soft and plummy fruits with gentle tannins and a long finish with elegance. RED WINE
(Red) Sula Shiraz, India
(White) Senora Rosa Sauvignon Blanc, Chile 2019
(White) Pinot Grigio Botter, Italy 2019
Nepalese Gurkha Beer
660ml Bottle 4.8% ABV BEER